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Pey's Potions



How to Order

Email me with your requirements.

Tuesdays are mixing days.

All potions are uniquely handblended in batches, so stock will vary. The more notice you give me, the more likely I can deliver in the week.

This only applies to Bath locals. We can discuss postage if you come from anywhere else.

The types of potions

... prescribed would be unique to you, but here are some examples.

The cost range of potions are between £5 - £20, depending on the ingredients and the amount required.


Clinical blends:

Anti-infectious potion:

Gentle creams to speed coughs and colds on their way, suitable for children and adults. Put it on at the first sign of sniffle or sore throat. Stronger Flu Buster variations for adults only available under Individual Prescription.


First Aid potion:

Small pots to fit into your natural first aid kit. Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and for bruising.


Bug Buster Spray:

For surreptitiously wearing onto aircraft, but mainly tested on mozzies in the Malaysian jungle.


Skin Blends:

Cleo’s Composure:

Rejuvenating treat for your skin. Richly blended with oils, hydrating and soothing. Mostly Girls get this.


Good Morning Cream:

Awaken your skin in the day with these uplifting, clarifying oils.


A Walk in the Forest:

Calming and skin soothing, some men have been using this as aftershave balm for years. Earthy pine and root for discerning individuals of both gender.


Peppermint and Lavendin Foot Potion:

Take some care of your feet, heed life’s wake up call and do some dancing. Rich enough to pamper neglected tootsies.


Peace on Earth bubblebath:

What else needs to be said. AHHH. Good for sleepytime.


Citrus Sunshine bubblebath:

Remember to take a holiday. Picnic in an Italian grove.

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