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Poets Corner Practice, Bath

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10am to 2pm

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Pey's Potions



Therapeutic massage

Enhances circulation of the blood and lymph to mobilise toxins and bring nourishment to each area of the body; relaxes tense muscles; and promotes an overall sense of well-being. Safe and supportive therapeutic touch has the power to soothe tensions, to transform and renew our vital energies.



Is the application of thumb and fingertip pressure at points along the body which stimulate and balance the flow of Qi. Massage along the Meridians–channels in the body where these vital energies move–allows it to flow freely and smoothly.



By combining essential oils with the application of massage is a deeply pleasurable and highly effective way of healing which can benefit everyone. It is a holistic treatment which relaxes or invigorates the Body, calms and refreshes the Mind, and uplifts the Spirit.


Essential oils

Each possess distinct therapeutic and energetic properties which have been chosen to work in synergy with the individual requirements of each person, and the intention of the therapist who blends them together for the good of the whole.


Tongue diagnosis

Is the observation of the tongue to confirm the course of treatment. Clients are requested to refrain from eating or drinking anything but water for a half hour before coming for their appointment.

Each treatment plan and blend of oils is tailored to you, using the highest quality organic oils available.


The five element consultation

A detailed history assists me to formulate your blend and treatment plan according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I will be observing and noting information during the bodywork session. This first session is usually 90 minutes long and your blend is available to take away. £60


One hour aromatic treatment

Especially for Back, Neck and Shoulder treatment and clinical aromatherapy work.To remain focused on your strategy for health and to maintain your treatment plan, regular massage every two to four weeks would be most beneficial. £50


Postnatal and pregnancy

I have trained in pregnancy massage and used aromatherapy throughout my own pregnancies. From the second trimester onwards, gentle massage and aromatherapy is very beneficial for minor discomforts, and general well-being. £50


New! mini-treatments

Acupressure facials and foot massage are quiet time well spent, incredibly relaxing and a good introduction to the full bodywork experience. There will be a short consultation before we begin. Great for gifts.

Full one-hour acupressure facial: skin consultation and back, neck and shoulder work. £50

Half-hour facials and foot massage available. £30

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